We provide some of the highest quality courses across the UK and North America.

Our lessons include plenty of opportunities for students to use language and build their knowledge and confidence in English. This is further enforced outside the classrooms during activities, cultural visits and specialist sports courses.

Introducing Ardmore's Specialist courses.

Ardmore Language Schools offers students a great range of designed specialist courses which promote improving their sport and leadership skills, team working, confidence and conversational English.


Latest News

10 May 2018

Time to Plan for Next Year!

As part of our 2018 changes, we would like to share with you our New Non-Summer Brochure featuring our UK an...

07 February 2018

New Centre Available - Imperial College, London

The main campus is located in South Kensington. Imperial College is ranked as one of the top universities in the country.  Founded by Prince Albert,...

31 August 2017

Brighton College - New Residence Available

Brighton College, founded in 1845, is an attractive and historic school situated within walking distance of the vibrant Brighton...

23 August 2017

New UK Centre!

Our courses will be run at St Joseph’s College and the University of Reading which is located just five minutes walk from the main university campus.St Joseph’...

Come and experience the trip of a lifetime:

Our language schools are located in some of the most prestigious and secure environments. We place the utmost importance on safety and quality in all aspects of our courses. Ardmore Language Schools are accredited by The British Council.

Partner Agent, Singapore

Our two girls, Juliet and Jane, had two fantastic weeks in Imperial College and Brunel University. It was an amazing experience for them, which they have learnt and enjoyed so much. Really appreciate all your hard work, efficiency and care for them. You are such a wonderful team.Thanks to all the other team members as well. Thanks Ardmore.

Partner Agent, Singapore
Imperial College and Brunel University
Student's Parent, Colombia

Your attention and the quality of your service motivated me to choose the Ardmore group to provide this wonderful experience to my students. That's why we decided to send our daughter to study for six weeks there.

Student's Parent, Colombia
School Integration Programme