Ardmore Life

The Ardmore team are enthusiastic and passionate about the courses offered. Our aim is to improve our students English by increasing their confidence and communication skills. Our lessons include plenty of opportunities for students to use language and build their knowledge and confidence in English. This is further enforced outside the classrooms during activities, cultural visits and specialist sports courses.

Are the centres residential or homestay?

We offer residential and homestay stays in the UK and in the USA. Please refer to each centre webpage to find out what is available at each specific location.

What’s it like at an Ardmore centre?

Ardmore prides itself on its high quality centres, which range from traditional British Boarding Schools, University and College Campuses, to our own Language Schools.
Ardmore is accredited by the British Council in the UK, this ensures the quality and standards of all our courses and centres.
Please see our Course Listings page for full details of what’s on offer.

How do students keep their belongings safe?

We advise that students bring a lockable suitcase. In addition all centres have a safe. We recommend that students to do not bring highly valuable items with them. In addition all centres have good security set in place.

How much money should students bring?

Our course prices already include accommodation, meals, workbooks and excursion entrances; therefore we do not recommend that students bring too much pocket money. Parents may like to provide them with enough for souvenirs and snacks.

Who is responsible for their money?

The student will need to take responsibility for his or her spending money. Each centre will have a safe, but we also advise students to bring a lockable suitcase for extra security.

Can the students take money out from their banks?

Most our centres do not have facilities on site, but it is possible for students to use ATM’s whilst out on excursions, however it is not advisable to rely on this as the only form of access to spending money, as it is not always convenient to use an ATM whilst on excursions. Also please contact your bank to notify them of the trip abroad.

Is there a safe?

Yes, each centre has a safe on site. Only the centre director and senior members of staff will have access to this.

Can parents send money?

Yes it is possible for the parents to send money. Please contact an Ardmore member of staff at head office or the agency the course was booked through. This should only be used in emergencies.