Student Support

The Ardmore team are enthusiastic and passionate about the courses offered. Our aim is to improve our students English by increasing their confidence and communication skills. Our lessons include plenty of opportunities for students to use language and build their knowledge and confidence in English. This is further enforced outside the classrooms during activities, cultural visits and specialist sports courses.

What if the student becomes homesick?

We understand that some students are homesick when they first arrive in England. Ardmore recommends that parents discourage their student from calling home too often at this time and try to persuade them to speak to someone at the Centre. Individual students will be looked after by the Senior Welfare Leader/Head of Pastoral Care – who will assist the student to settle in, introduce them to other students and answer any questions they may have. If the student cannot overcome their homesickness and wants to return home, we will assist them in any way we can to make their return home as stress-free as possible.

How many members of Ardmore staff are there?

The Ardmore Group carefully selects centre staff, many of which have worked with us year on year. To ensure the safety and supervision there will always be:

At least 1 Ardmore Activity Leader per 20 students on excursions/activities
1 teacher in class at all times
1 adult per 20 students in residences
In each Ardmore Summer Education centre there is:
Centre Director
Director of Studies
Head of Pastoral Care
Head of Sports & Activities
Senior Welfare Leaders
Ardmore Activities Leaders
EFL Teachers

Is there internet access?

Most of our centres have internet access; however, this will vary from centre to centre. We advise students not to bring laptops, and we encourage students to limit their use of internet, to maximise their experience at an Ardmore Centre.

Can students bring their mobile phone?

Yes, students can bring a mobile phone, however they should be aware of the high overseas calling cost. Students are asked to not use their phone during lessons and activities to maximise their experience at the centre and socialise with the different students from all different nationalities.