Director of Studies

The Director of Studies will implement and manage all day-to-day aspects of the academic programme. They will manage the teaching staff to create a positive and enthusiastic team to deliver a high-quality academic programme using the Ardmore syllabus.

  • Implement and manage all day-to-day aspects of the academic programme.
  • Hold weekly Group Leader meetings and respond to any student or Group Leader queries on academic matters.
  • Manage the teaching staff to create a positive, enthusiastic team to deliver a high quality programme ensuring student satisfaction.
  • Appraise and provide feedback on all teaching staff providing support and guidance on all aspects of lesson preparation and delivery.
  • Organise and manage the Placement and Exit Testing of students, academic time-tabling, course planning and student graduation.
  • Be responsible for collecting both early and final student feedback.   
  • Ensure that all lessons start and end on time.
  • Organise and oversee the delivery of Trinity exams (if applicable at centre).
  • Liaise closely with the AD/AAD in maintaining all academic administration.
  • Teach when required to meet operational demands.
  • Liaise with the HSA to ensure that the activities programme and academic programme are integrated successfully.
  • Support the CD to aid the smooth and effective running of the centre and assist the CD to set up and close the centre.
  • Write a full job specific report at the end of the course for the Academic Director.
  • Submit all paperwork, including registers, class profiles, Weekly Records of Work and appraisals/references for all EFL teachers.

If you would like more information regarding our available positions in our USA Centres please click HERE.
  • Reports to: Centre Director (CD )& Academic Director (AD)
  • Managing: EFL Teachers, GLs & International students.
  • 4-8 week contract.
  • Full board and accommodation provided free of charge.
  • Up to 48 hours per week. Evening and weekend work required.
  • Some weeks you may be required to work in excess of 48 hours. You will therefore be asked to ‘opt out’ of the 48-hour Working Time Directive.
  • Must be able to attend Centre Leadership Training from 20th June 2020.

19 centres across the UK.