EFL Teacher

Our EFL Teachers teach English as a Foreign Language to mixed nationality classes of young learners with varying levels. Our teachers must plan and deliver lessons that are engaging and appeal to different learning types using Ardmore’s course materials.

  • Teach up to 30 hours a week and lead Conversation Club (whenever required).
  • Prepare lessons.
  • Attend CPD sessions.
  • Help with recreational activities, excursions and welfare duties (8 hours a week). 
  • Teach exam preparation courses where required.
  • Assist the DOS with student testing and placement.
  • Teach English to a high standard following the syllabus set out in the Ardmore Language Schools’ workbooks and academic programme.
  • Prepare and deliver lessons with the aim of achieving the objectives and outcomes of the Ardmore Language Schools’ syllabus.
  • Use teaching techniques that are appropriate to the level and needs of the students making every effort to create a positive learning environment enabling students to participate purposefully in the lessons.
  • Make lessons stimulating and enjoyable with particular emphasis on the practical use of the English language (e.g. speaking and listening skills).
  • Administer and mark course assessments tasks as well as marking Placement and Exit Tests.
  • Maintain excellent class administration including lesson preparation, class registration and monitoring student progress and ensure that this is submitted each week. Ensure that, in the lesson prior to an excursion, students are prepared and informed about their forthcoming excursion (e.g. class discussion, pre-excursion lesson handouts, etc).


If you would like more information regarding our available positions in our USA Centres please click HERE.
  • Reports to: Director of Studies (DOS). 
  • Managing: International students. 
  • 4 week contract with a potential extension. 
  • Full board and accommodation provided free of charge for residential staff.
  • Full Days: 42 hours/ Half Days: 21 hours per week. 
  • Evening and weekend work required. 
  • Some weeks you may be required to work in excess of 48 hours. You will therefore be asked to ‘opt out’ of the 48-hour Working Time Directive.

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