Welfare Leader

As a Welfare Leader you will provide pastoral care for every student, paying particular attention to individuals who are not travelling with a group or adult. You will be a welcoming and friendly person that young people can come to with any problems to ensure that they have an unbelievable trip!

  • Provide pastoral care for every student, paying particular attention to individuals.
  • Provide leadership for all individual students to help them integrate with other students.
  • Carry out pre-arrival and departure checks and damage surveys as delegated by the Head of Pastoral Care.
  • Provide pastoral care for every student by ensuring students are settling into life in the UK, adjusting to cultural differences and that their religious and dietary needs are met and respected.
  • Maintain student behaviour, and support the activity and teaching teams with the monitoring of attendance/ recording of absences.
  • Carry out residential duties on a rota basis including meal supervision, lights-out duties, night-time patrols, room checks and additional duties as required.
  • Carry out night duty on a rota basis (at least four nights per week) and supervise other staff on duty making sure that all buildings are locked, secure and all students are safely in their rooms.
  • Assist with regular fire drills as organised by the Head of Pastoral Care.
  • Help ensure that Ardmore Language School’s Health and Safety policies are implemented and adhered to at all time.
  • Record accidents, incidents or concerns and report to Management if necessary. 
  • Maintain student behaviour, safety and welfare.
  • Make sure that all students are involved in the various activities and excursions, paying special attention to the individual students.


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  • Reports to: Head of Pastoral Care 
  • Managing: International students.
  • 4 week contract with a potential extension.
  • A deduction of £52.85 per week (£7.55 a day) will be deducted from your weekly pay for full board and accommodation.
  • Up to 42 hours per week, on average.
  • Evening and weekend work required.
  • Some weeks you may be required to work in excess of 48 hours. You will therefore be asked to ‘opt out’ of the 48-hour Working Time Directive.

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